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Laser Repair, Service and Support by the Leader in Laser Remanufacturing

SATISFYING OUR CUSTOMERS SINCE 1984 - Since our company was founded in 1984, Evergreen Laser Corporation has offered a wide spectrum of laser repair and service.  Our specialty is the remanufacture of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Solid State and gas-ion plasma tubes, both air and water cooled.  We have developed a reliable remanufacturing process.  We service the entire laser, including electronic and mechanical repairs of laser heads and power supplies.

QUALITY SERVICE with BIG SAVINGS - Evergreen Laser Corporation offers quality professional service that is backed by a standard industry warranty.  Savings of 50 – 70% of the price of an original manufacturer replacement are typical.  Our remanufactured products will meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications and performance of a new laser.

LARGE INVENTORY - We have a large inventory of laser tubes and systems that ensure our customers of fast consistent support of their entire laser system.  Current and discontinued models are supported.  Our inventory includes new IC chips, and mechanical parts, some considered obsolete and difficult to find.

COMPLETE FACILITY - Our facility has grown to over 10,000 square feet.  In addition to remanufacturing, test and quality control areas, and a warehouse, we have a clean room and a development lab.

COMPLETE LASERS – Reconditioned lasers with many remanufactured components are available.  We configure the lasers to meet your application requirements.  In addition to saving half to two-thirds the price of a comparable new laser, these lasers can often be ready for shipment within a week.

CUSTOM LASER SYSTEMS - We can optimize laser systems to meet your application.  In some cases, we provide options not offered as original equipment.  For example, white-light conversions are offered for some lasers.

SOLID-STATE LASER SERVICE – Evergreen Laser is changing with the technology to continue meeting our customer’s needs.  We have developed processes for repair of selected solid-state lasers.  Our knowledge base continues to expand.

NO-CHARGE EVALUATIONS – Evergreen laser will evaluate your laser at no charge, and provide an estimate for the needed repairs.  If you decide not to proceed with the repairs, your only liability is the shipping.

 Evergreen Laser Does it AGAIN!

"I have always been a big fan and booster of EVERGREEN LASER.  From the day they remanufactured a few of my 5 watt I-90s about 10 years ago and made them BETTER THAN NEW, I have sung their praises here and anywhere else the question of a laser problem arose.  Sure, you can spend $16,000 and have the manufacturer retube and bless your light source, but why do that? Think of the national economy. Think of  YOUR budget!!  Send me just half your savings from dealing with Evergreen and I will holiday in Hawaii for a week.  You say you dont have or want to spend $30-40ish K to plunk down for a new needed new light source?
                                                                    ..then, I would try Evergreen."

Laser Repair and Service

Laser Products Supported;


Replacement Plasma Tubes for Coherent, Spectra Physics, Lexel, and American Lasers sales and service of He-Ne's, He-Cd's, Ar, Kr, CO2, and Solid State lasers and related products. Refurbishment of Solid State Laser Systems

We can also repair problems with power supply malfunctions and ion laser optics offer 3rd party Service & Support of your Coherent Ion or Solid State laser systems.We have a complete in house inventory Nitrogen Laser Cartridges refilled.

 In addition to these models, we may be able to provide laser repair services for others noncontact interferometric metrology process control and R&D tools for Semiconductor, Optics, Display Technologies, Precision Machining, Photovoltaic, and Research applications.       

List of Supported Laser Manufacturers Includes

AIT, Coherent, Spectra Physics, American Lasers,Omnichrome, Melles Griot, JDS Uniphase, Newport, ILT, Laser Physics, Etec, Zygo, Teletrac, Axsys, KLA Tencor, All Coherent Innova, Saber, Fred, Series; G, C, Gem Carbon Dioxide Lasers, Sharplan, Surgilase, Cyonics, Kimmon, BioRad, I Line, Alta, ABI, Leica, National Laser

List of Supported Industries Includes

 Confocal Microscopy, DNA sequencing, DVD Mastering, Flow Cytometry, Metrology, Spectroscopy, Raman, Wafer Inspection, Lithography, Mask Processing, Interferometry, Imaging Laser Scanning, Research, Defense, Holography, Cutting, Welding, Medical, Ophthalmology, Surgical,

3D reconstruction, air cooled,Argon, c Series, Compass, Core, diode laser, DNA sequencer, DPSS, G series, HeCd laser, Helium neon laser, hene laser, Innova 300, Innova fred, Interferometry, interferometer,  Ion Laser Technology, ILT, ion laser, ion lasers k series, krypton, laser measurement, laser parts, laser tube rebuilding, laser tube remanufacture, reprocess, regas, laser tube replacement, microsystems, mixed gas, molecular spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Sabre, Sapphire, seminconducter inspection, wafer inspection, sequencing laser, DNA, sequencer, ultraviolet, white light, zmi, semiconductor inspection, UV,

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