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During a credit crunch you may find it hard to get new grants or to drum up the money for a large equipment expenditure, but a slow economy may also work in your favor allowing you to get the equipment you need at a huge savings by buying re-manufactured.

When times are tough many companies cut surplus equipment. Some companies go under all together and their equipment gets liquidated. What that means is a good supply of good second hand equipment.

In case you aren’t familiar, re-manufactured equipment is second hand equipment that has been tested and inspected and given a clean bill of health to be resold, at a considerably lower price than new equipment and typically carry full warranties and technical support.

Refurbished machines could have been used, damaged or simply purchased and returned, and while some pieces may have scuffs or scratches they should be in perfect working order. That being said, it is very important that you buy your re-manufactured equipment from a reputable place.

 When you are buying direct from the re-manufacturer you often get a warranty essentially making the equipment as good as new, but with a price tag that’s a little friendlier to the bottom line.


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