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Full Service and Support of ALL Coherent Ion Lasers

Nitrogen Laser Cartidge

Full Service and Support of ALL Spectra Physics Ion Lasers

Nitrogen Laser Cartidge

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Virtually all lasers found in Cytometry equipment can be remanufactured to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

Remanufacturing Procedure

Our remanufacturing process includes:

  • Evaluation of the laser system
  • Vacuum integrity check
  • Residual gas analysis of the tube
  • Replace cathode
  • Replace mirrors, as required
  • Replace Brewster windows with crystal quartz
  • Processing of the plasma tube
  • Install, re-align and test the plasma tube
  • Burn-in / Quality Assurance Test
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Coherent Laser system sales & service by Evergreen Laser Corporation include all models of the Innova Ion series.

The Innova series has earned an excellent reputation as a laboratory and industrial workhorse. It provides a unique combination of high performance and affordability for applications such as Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, laser pumping, and laser doppler velocimetry. The Innova series can be converted to and is available in argon, krypton and mixed-gas configurations, with output wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the infrared.

Spectra Physics Laser ion lasers offers scientific-grade performance in a dependable and affordable package. Simplicity in design yields reliable performance with switched-resistor power supply technology for fewer active elements. These lasers utilize long life metal-ceramic plasma tubes for cleaner optical surfaces and a low-thermal gradient resontaor for rapid warm-up and stable operation. Argon, Krypton, and mixed argon/krypton lasers provide the right match to your applications requiring the ruggedness of a proven design